Bringing our products into the homes of our customers on a daily basis is a challenge that demands excellence in all phases of the process.


In Delaviuda Confectionery Group we believe that communication and quality coupled with food security is a very powerful tool in order to keep a permanent and close relationship with our consumers.

We are fully aware that at the end of our production process there are individuals and families who purchase a special product whose purpose goes beyond meeting their nutritional needs.

That is why we carefully control the whole process of production from the start, trying to use the best raw materials and comply with the highest standards in food security, and also with the objective of ensuring that our products arrive in optimal conditions to the households of our consumers so that their experience is absolutely rewarding.

In order to achieve this, Delaviuda Confectionery Group places a special emphasis on:

Selection of suppliers and raw materials


In Delaviuda Confectionery Group we conduct a thorough and complete process of selection of the suppliers which provide us with the raw materials we use in the manufacture of our products. 

This selection process includes a rigorous and thorough certification procedure, which takes into account issues such as the ethical behaviour of the supplier, and the quality of the raw materials and the ingredients used, and pays special attention to the existence of certifications and quality plans.


Maintaining the Quality of our Products and Food Security

In Delaviuda Confectionery Group we strive to maintain the highest quality standards. To this end, we not only invest many hours in training in food hygiene, but also make significant efforts to improve our facilities and services. In addition, we also go through many audits in order to maintain and improve, if possible, our quality standards.

Each and every one of our processes is designed to control even the smallest detail of any of our products. In that sense, Delaviuda Confectionery Group has established thorough health and safety standards, giving special importance to the maintenance of all our facilities and warehouses.

Also, in order to reduce the number of complaints and nonconformities, these are recorded and studied in detail within the Management Committee, where measures or corrective actions deemed appropriate are established.

We have also established, within the Group, a series of preventive measures aimed at improving the production lines, both to increase the safety of our workers and to avoid risks during the elaboration of our products. We believe that the best way to fulfil our objective of minimizing the number of claims and nonconformities is to take special care of the quality standards of our products and facilities.

Our Quality certifications

In Delaviuda Confectionery Group we strive to achieve excellence every day in our service and in the quality of all our products, because food security and the satisfaction of customers and consumers are our main concern.

The two companies making up the Group have easily passed all audit reports, always obtaining the highest qualification. In the most recent quality audits, our companies have shown that they meet all standards and requirements, with excellent results. For example, in recent IFS standard audits, the results were optimal, which has ranked the Group companies at a top level.



IFS Food is a standard recognized by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) which aims to audit the quality and food safety of the processes and products of food companies. This certification shows that Delaviuda Confectionery Group meets the highest and most demanding standards in the food industry.




This international certification establishes the requirements that any Quality Management System should meet, and allows the companies that apply it to show their ability to consistently provide products that meet customer requirements.




This certification focuses on consumer protection and ensures the safety and quality of our food, while certifying that Delaviuda Confectionery Group complies with the applicable law on food.




French certification obtained by Artenay which certifies that 95% of the components used in the elaboration of the products are organic. It also certifies that the products have been prepared in accordance with the European standard EN 45011.




Artenay Bars’ RSPO Supply Chain Certification ensures the security and traceability of the supply chain in order to provide sufficient evidence that the palm oil used or contained in the products comes from sustainable resources.




This certification obtained by Artenay Bars SAS, credits the company support to sustainable agriculture, tracing the entire supply chain and its treatment of cocoa.



Customer service

Delaviuda Confectionery Group wishes to provide a personalized and permanent service to our customers. Therefore, the packaging of each and every one of our products as well as the websites of our brands, include the necessary data so that our consumers can contact us to make requests, complaints, or suggestions they deem appropriate. 

Our marketing team is responsible for addressing, answering or referring to the appropriate department the mails received, which are recorded and studied in order to ensure a rapid and effective answer.