El Almendro: ‘Come back home, come back…’


In1905,AntonioMonerris, from MonerrisPlanelles family,created the brand which would later be famous worldwide: El Almendro. This product prospered so fast that very soon, in 1909, it was necessary to relocate and expand the facilities in order to meet the growing demand for products. The result: the creation of the most modern turron factory at the time. Thanks to the investments in infrastructure and the good management of the family, the brand El Almendro quickly positioned itself as the leading turron brand in Spain, obtaining numerous awards both nationally and internationally, which further increased its prestige and expansion. Today, the brand El Almendro has become a symbol  of the Spanish Christmas, to the point that the Christmas season is not considered to be underway until its campaign reaches the homes through television with its characteristic jingle “Vuelve a casa, vuelve (Come back home, come back)”.

Its product categories are:

Premium Turron

The turrones of El Almendro are a must for Spanish Christmas. Discover all the flavours that this brand offers you: from traditional turron such as hard, soft or toasted egg yolk to our more fun choices, the range of FUN turron, consisting of chocolate turron filled with roasted corn or our chocolate turron filled with candy chips which jump inside your mouth.