La Confitería Delaviuda


The brand La Confitería Delaviuda started operating in the early 80s as a result of the evolution of the initial brand “Viuda de Manuel Rojas”. The brand name has its origin in this true history of overcoming adversity and sacrifice, with Dª María, whose efforts turned the small confectionery shop in the city of Sonseca (Toledo) to heights of fame and popularity, in the central role. Such was its success that customers themselves were unknowingly the creators of the brand name as they kept going to the confectionery shop to purchase the widow’s (in Spanish, “de la viuda”) sweets. Many years later, the brand “La Confitería Delaviuda” maintains its roots and continues to grow in reputation and prestige. Today, the brand not only continues to maintain high levels of quality, but also has a clear and ambitious mission: becoming the leading brand of select confectionery. The specialties of Confitería Delaviuda are many and varied: traditional specialties, Láminas and florentinas, chocolates and chocolate bars.


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