We strive to care for and to meet the needs of our customers with enthusiasm.


In Delaviuda Confectionery Group we strive to care for and to serve our customers with enthusiasm and dedication, trying to fulfil all their needs.

Thanks to the quality of our raw materials, to continued innovation and to service excellence in Delaviuda Confectionery Group we are proud to have the loyalty of our customers who, year after year, come to us looking for our products. 

That is why in Delaviuda Confectionery Group we are aware that we can only count on the loyalty of our customers if we maintain what makes us unique: innovation and service excellence.


InDelaviudaConfectioneryGroup we go to a great deal of effort in developing new products and lines, able to meet the changing needs of our customers and consumers.

To do this, we maintain an open mind towards our customers, always striving to improve our broad portfolio of products, while creating new products.

Service excellence

Achieving the satisfaction of our customer is as important as achieving the satisfaction and welfare of our final consumer. Therefore, in Delaviuda Confectionery Group we try to establish strong relationships with our customers based on a tailored service and on maintaining collaboration and cooperation, able to fulfil all the needs that may arise. Furthermore, in order to ensure customer satisfaction for future occasions, the Group performs annual satisfaction surveys through which we improve and adapt our service to your needs.

In short, no matter the type of customer – small shops, supermarkets, gourmet stores, food service establishments or duty free shops -, in Delaviuda Confectionery Group we know that, by paying attention to small details, we can achieve the goal which unites us to our customers: achieving excellence together.