People are among the main targets of our Corporate Social Responsibility actions.

The management of Delaviuda Confectionery Group establishes guidelines which are respectful with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the applicable laws, both at national and international levels, with the aim of improving the welfare of those who can influence our daily management: our employees.


In spite of the current economic climate, Delaviuda Confectionery Group has added nearly 120 people coming from the takeover of Artenay Bars to its staff. On top of that, the number of workers of Delaviuda Alimentación has increased by 27% in the last 5 years.


Through the compliance with the law and taking into account the HR guidelines, the two companies that make up the Delaviuda Confectionery Group dedicate part of their effort to maintain a good working environment where equality between workers and the conciliation with the family life ceases to be an aspiration to become a reality.

We believe that these policies help to retain talent within the organization and have a positive influence on the productivity growth.

Professional development

In Delaviuda Confectionery Group we consider that an adequate professional development of the team is as important as maintaining the best working conditions for the staff. 

The policies of continuing training and professional career programs are essential for meeting the present and future needs of our employees and our stakeholders.

For this reason, and in order to achieve the professional development of all staff, the Group is implementing new HR policies in order to address any need that may appear, and which are specified in the following actions:

Performance evaluation plans

Through the evaluation systems, the organization recognizes and values the adaptation of the employee to the job and the level of performance and contribution of their work to the company.

This allows us to align the results obtained by the employees with the expectations of the company, encouraging the organization to establish a plan of activity able to combine the strengths of the employee with those of the organization in order to achieve business success together.

Training programs

Aware that professional development is more than just applying a range of knowledge and practical skills in the workplace, Delaviuda Confectionery Group provides training to its employees so that they take hold and acquire new knowledge through conducting technical and management courses, in addition to organizing internal training courses in order to raise awareness within employees of the operation and business areas of the companies that make up the Group.


We actively collaborate in the development and progress of individuals with disabilities and their families offering integration and support programs. Delaviuda Confectionery Group is committed to the professional development and social integration of people with disabilities. In this sense, not only we respect the recruitment required by Spanish law, minimum 2% of the workforce, but also, as far as possible, we try to increase their participation in the workforce.


We encourage the inclusion of women in the labour market and improve business practices on equality every day. Proof of this are the plans developed in collaboration with the representatives of the employees of their respective Group companies.

In order to ensure access to equalitarian working conditions, during year 2012-2013, the Group developed in their companies the implementation of new plans of equality and employment opportunities for men and women. Thus both Delaviuda Alimentación, S.A. and Artenay Bars, SAS, have a regulatory plan for ensuring equal opportunities.

Through such equality plans, the company shows its commitment promoting advocacy and effective implementation of the principle of gender equality, reviewing all internal company procedures and establishing measures to promote conciliation while preventing sexual or moral harassment in the workplace.

Working relationships

The constant dialogue, transparency and mutual trust are essential to create an inspiring and safe work environment. 

In Delaviuda Confectionery Group we respect and recognize the rights of association and representation of our workers. In addition, we ensure dialogue with them, working with them in promoting projects and initiatives aimed at improving working conditions and relationships for the members of our staff.

Safety and Occupational Risk Prevention

Our commitment to the safety of our employees is total and we put it into practice every day. Each of the Group Companies has a distinct plan of Occupational Risk Prevention. The plan, which is approved by the management of the company, is passed on to the workers of the companies within the Group.

These plans identify the roles and responsibilities of the different hierarchical levels of the company, always pursuing safety and the prevention of any risk or danger associated with the job. Also, the Group implements all practices and procedures referred to in the prevention plans of the companies, which are fully adapted to their realities.