One of our main concerns is to contribute positively to society, and try to make it a “sweeter” place.


Carrying out its activity in over 70 countries, Delaviuda Confectionery Group is aware that its every move should be governed by a code of ethics respectful with the environment. So, the social, labour and environmental concerns arising from the relationship and dialogues with our stakeholders have been integrated into the strategies and procedures of the company.

Social action

Delaviuda Confectionery Group has never been indifferent to the needs of the most disadvantaged groups.

Since the beginning of its activity, and especially today, given the circumstances and economic difficulties facing our society, Delaviuda Confectionery Group, moving forward with its motto “Making the world a sweeter place”, is collaborating with those institutions and people who work to help those whom the current situation has affected the most.

We are aware that when people eat our products is during moments of joy and so they are a source of satisfaction for our customers. Therefore, we make every effort to meet with collaboration requests and demands, by donating food to non-profit entities, as well as nursing homes, juvenile shelters and social services.

Only last year, Delaviuda Confectionery Group donated more than 54 tons of food to entities and NGOs caring for those in need.

In addition to corporate social activity, we can point out, with special pride, that many initiatives have been the idea of the employees in our Group, who participate individually as volunteers in special events and campaigns. 

Social leadership

One of the main concerns of Delaviuda Confectionery Group is to contribute positively to society, leading a change that will make our community a “sweeter” place. To do this, Delaviuda Confectionery Group has not hesitated in joining an ambitious initiative which aims to analyse the current job market: The Observatorio de Innovación en el Empleo (Centre for Innovation in Employment).


This Centre, which is the result of the concern of the companies brought about by the current labour situation, is a non-profit organization made up of the leading companies in our country in order to improve the employment situation. Every year different topics will be proposed through this centre, and the participating companies will have the mission of creating a bridge between the needs of the labour market and the business needs.

Collaboration Agreements with Universities and Educational Institutions


Aside from the concern shown due to the current labour situation, in Delaviuda Confectionery Group we are involved in education and employment opportunities for young people.

Through the signing of cooperation agreements and contracts with different educational institutions, we welcome students from different fields in our facilities to carry out curricular internships.

Thus, for over 10 years now, our workplaces have trained an average of 2 students per year from different universities and vocational training centres.