The Department of Innovation of the Group observes and analyses all the consumer behaviour and habits, which allows us to innovate and develop new products taking into account our customers’ preferences and our consumers’ tastes.

Delaviuda Confectionery Group has a strong R&D department which consists of professionals dedicated to updating and continuously improving our production processes, with particular emphasis on the quality and safety of our food.

Thus, throughout this year, the Group has developed its R&D activity around:

Creation of a R&D centre


One of the cornerstones of Delaviuda Confectionery Group is innovation. Therefore, one of its most ambitious plans is the creation and construction of an R&D centre at its facility in Sonseca. This project will help the Group make its business grow, because thanks to its commitment to research, Delaviuda Confectionery Group will analyse the behaviour of new ingredients, products and markets in order to develop truly innovative products able to meet the changing needs of the market, so that it can cover all consumer tastes and satisfy the most demanding palates.

Minimizing the “Time to market”

Much of our efforts and innovation projects are aimed at minimizing the “time to market”, allowing us to ensure that the product reaches the market not only in time but also in perfect condition. Therefore, at a resource level, we have integrated and sized the structures of our two companies, located in Artenay and Sonseca, in order to achieve greater efficiency and better coordination.


Business diversification

Until recently, most of our products had a seasonal period of life linked to the Christmas time.

Delaviuda Confectionery Group in its quest to free production from seasonal constraints has invested heavily in business diversification and has entered market niches which were unknown for the company. So, last year, after investing in machinery for chocolate processes, one of the strongest plans of Delaviuda Alimentación consisted in expanding the range of chocolate products with such products as chocolate bars or chocolates.


New products

During business year 2012-2013, Delaviuda Confectionery Group opted for launching new products for which our maintenance team needed to make significant changes to the line, which enabled us to manufacture products involving attractive and innovative concepts.

Brand El Almendro


In our determination to get closer to the younger members of the household, Delaviuda has created a new subfamily of products: The chocolate turron “FUN”, funny and original, which have had great success among kids, because they combine classic chocolate turron with new ingredients like roasted corn, puffed rice or “popping candy” (candy chips that feel like they explode on the palate). A new guirlache turron has also been launched: The “ready salted turron.”





Brand La Confitería Delaviuda


This year, La Confitería Delaviuda has included a new subfamily in its portfolio of products: the range of products “Confiteros”, with 4 new products: pralines (Coffee Mocha Praline and Mousse Praline with Red Fruits), and pies (almond pie and chocolate pie).


They have been released in a very new format, 5 new varieties of chocolate bars: black chocolate with orange, black chocolate with red berries, milk chocolate with almonds, milk chocolate with hazelnuts and black chocolate with almonds.




In the range of chocolates, a new line has been created: “Passionart” chocolates, made with a creamy hazelnut praline and a hazelnut in the middle. Finally, the range of chocolates has been expanded with two new varieties of chocolates which add to those already existing: turron chocolates (white chocolate filled with turron cream) and caramel cream  chocolates (milk chocolate filled with caramel cream (milk candy).



Brand Monerris Planelles


They have launched a new kind of turron: the “Músico” turron (“Musician” turron) prepared with nuts which have been selected with special care. New kinds of products have also been launched, such as “Peanut cakes and Tortasmini” (“Mini tartlets”).